About Us

DDS Enterprises-Information Alchemy was founded in 1986 by president David L. Schwartz and his wife, vice president and creative director Donna Boyle Schwartz.Together, we offer our customers more than 60 years of combined media experience. Our previous careers in the broadcasting and editorial fields have given us the contacts, knowledge, insight and intuition necessary to develop programs that serve your needs from an insider’s perspective.RadioWorldFeature

DDS Enterprises is a one-stop resource for all of your audio and video restoration, digitization and related services, including sophisticated sound engineering and comprehensive audio programming packages. Through our exclusive Information Alchemy process, we offer the most comprehensive and careful analog-to-digital audio and video transfers available.

We also offer a diverse range of communications and broadcasting services. Our editorial, media and marketing programs include expert editorial pieces, authoritative research, consumer and trade marketing materials, and powerful promotional packages.

DDS Enterprises owns and operates a full-service recording studio, where we produce original and unique audio presentations. We provide an extensive array of broadcast engineering and consulting services, including transmitter, antenna and studio design, planning and construction; RF compliance advice; and engineering consulting services.

Our latest audio restoration project for the Baseball Hall of Fame is attracting attention! Click on the image to read a piece from national broadcast industry trade magazine Radio World.

Contact Us

David L. Schwartz, President

Donna Boyle Schwartz, VP & Creative Director

Telephone: 845-298-9365

Mailing Address: 321 West St., Newburgh, NY 12550